Baekhyun is dating taehyung from bts

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Start of our Forever - bangtan scenarios “So, ___, tell me about yourself.” He said, smiling and resting his head on his hands. Uh, I don’t think I’m a particularly interesting person compared to you Taehyung.” You answered reluctantly, worried you would bore him with your ordinary life.“Don’t say that! ”Still hesitant, you replied in an almost inaudible voice, “Well, I used to live in Busan with my mum and dad. “Thanks, Taehyung.” You said, a small smile forming on your lips.“It’s cute when you blush like that. Do you want to go out sometime, just the two of us? You were EXO's Baekhyun's little sister and because he hadn't. basiy i love bts a lot and decided to write about them ♡゚▽゚♡. On this one date, you learnt more about Taehyung than you ever thought you could know.

Edited* <b>Baekhyun</b> and his son V. Now we need Daehyun. Lol.

Edited* Baekhyun and his son V. Now we need Daehyun. Lol. Personally, I think you are an extremely interesting person and I only met you today! I was a waitress in a café there, but the reason I’m here in Seoul is because I am starting at Yonsei University next semester.”“What? Or you could come over to the dorm when the boys are out? ” Taehyung asked, losing his confidence towards the end of his question. “I’d love to.” You state simply, but little did Taehyung know he had caused fireworks of happiness to set off inside you.~Five months later~You and Taehyung had met up after the coffee shop incident. Baby Alien 3 #Daehyun B. A. P #Baekhyun EXO #Taehyun BTS. or poke you with an eyeliner. or worse. won't allow you to date their son Kookie looks tense.

So weird since <em>Baekhyun</em> and Taeyeon used to date. BUT STILL.

So weird since Baekhyun and Taeyeon used to date. BUT STILL. Comedian Jang Dong Min and singer Navi both appeared on tv N's 'Selling the Broadcast Company's Time.' They were asked about their relationship status and Jang Dong Min admitted they were dating. Now onto the major couple news that has surprised us. Explore So Funny, Bts Memes, and more. V from bts and baekhyun from exo. Baekhyun = Taehyung ♥ // in fancams I always see them talking to each other.

<em>Baekhyun</em> and taeyeon <em>Baekhyun</em> and Taeyeon Pinterest.

Baekhyun and taeyeon Baekhyun and Taeyeon Pinterest. ” Taehyung asked Baekhyun, smiling happily.“I don’t see why not! EXO's Baekhyun & Girls' Generation's Taeyeon reported to be dating + SM confirms it's. Baekhyun with V Taehyung of BTS 141204 bts_twt Twitter Update.

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Masterlist - Kpop Scenarios You hadn’t expected to be so nervous meeting them seeing as though you weren’t a huge fan. ” a smiley face came up to you and said, waking you from your thoughts. The journey to town was done in a comfortable silence, and you sat in the back of the car contemplating why Taehyung wanted you to go out with him and your brother anyway. What Dating Baekhyun Would Be Like · What Dating Kai Would Be Like · What. BTS reaction to flirting with you then finding out you're dating a EXO member. Taehyung being jealous of your dog. Convo Imagines BTS.

Baekhyun is dating taehyung from bts:

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